Online Marketing Connects Businesses with their Consumers

marketing specialistThe global marketplace has become so accommodative that today anyone can set up a business and connect with consumers. Internet has become one of the major reasons why entrepreneurs are experimenting and venturing into unexplored terrains. The boost that online marketing has given businesses is something amazing and spectacular. For ages, businesses have struggled to reach their consumers. For FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) products the task to reach consumers has been comparatively easy than for many others. But today, online marketing has allowed all kinds of salt lake citybusinesses to reach their consumers easily. The Internet has played a major role in bridging the gap between businesses and consumers.

How Online Marketing Bridges the Gap between Businesses and Consumers

Email Marketing: One of the trusted and successful methods of reaching the consumers is to personally be in touch with them. This is effectively done through email marketing. This marketing method allows consumers to design attractive brochures individually addressed, thus increasing the value of such mails.

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Viral Marketing: We live in an age where social networking sites literally define who we are and what we do. Thus capitalizing on this trend is very important. Businesses do so by going viral. They create their company or brand’s page of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and invite friends to ‘like’ them. With word-of-mouth campaigns, slowly they start entering more profiles and getting a larger customer base. The best part about viral marketing is that there is no investment required whatsoever.

Keyword-Specific SEO: Another successful way of increasing visibility and connecting better with the consumers is through keyword-specific SEO. Search engine optimization ensures that a company’s site is ranked higher on the search engine results page. This is done by understanding the requirements of the consumers. Thorough research will tell what keywords consumers use to search for information, products, etc. Once this is understood, the keywords are incorporated into the website’s content that gets easily indexed by the search engine crawlers.

As we can see above, online marketing can be done in several ways. All the above listed methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, but at the end of the day they are very effective too. Let us now take a look at the advantages of online marketing.

Advantages of Online Marketing

Increases Consumer Base: What conventional marketing could not achieve, online marketing has achieved quite easily and that is connecting to a larger consumer base. Since the reach of the Internet is global, a company’s geographical location doesn’t make any difference when it comes to reaching the consumers. Increased consumer base can generate more revenue for the business.

Cost Effective: Many times, small businesses cannot reach their consumers because they do not have the necessary budget to invest on marketing. Print, television, radio are all expensive marketing mediums and something that is not feasible for all. It is a well-known fact that large companies allocate huge funds for marketing. But unfortunately more budget doesn’t mean more success or reach. Online marketing is a cost-effective solution as even with a shoe-string budget, the campaign can be very successful. Online marketing has allowed small businesses to expand and reach more consumers without having to worry about the budget.

Today, there are several companies specializing in online marketing and rendering their services for other business. Online marketing is no longer something that can be taken lightly. In fact, it calls for aggressive marketing strategies and campaigns. The competition too has increased manifold, making it necessary for businesses to get serious with online marketing

Hiring a SEO Specialist

Need an SEO Specialist?

Are you looking to boost your online presence?  Are you a little lost when it comes to the internet?  In an ever changing world the most life changing invention would have to be the World Wide Web.  Especially for business owners stuck in the days of Yellow Pages the internet and search engines can be very intimidating.  The best way to get more traffic is from the search engines because once you figure out what you’re doing there is no way out of getting free organic traffic.

Hiring an SEO Specialist?

SEO is the best way to promote your business online, and it can be very cost effective.  The top companies in the world understand this and they allocate a lot of thSearch Engine Optimizationeir marketing budget in order to ensure that they absolutely dominate their competition online.  If you’re looking for an SEO professional in Utah feel free to contact us and we will be able to help make sure that you are getting the best information possible.

The first steps to hiring an SEO expert is to make sure that they themselves, as a company, are ranked highly for their area! Just google SEO “your city” or “your city” SEO and that will bring up a list of companies that have proven that they can actually rank.  The bSeo Specialistest way to make sure that they actually know what they are doing is just doing that basic google search.

Next Step: Ask them who they rank, or if they have any examples of other properties they have helped.  Also, ask them what they could do for your business. A lot of different companies actually just have a massive sales force and what they do is just sell you and don’t do anything for your presence.  The laws for online marketing are open and free so there is little regulation in regards to things like this.  So they legally can sell you SEO and then they never actually do anything.  So be weary of these wolves in sheep’s clothing! Make sure that you check back for our monthly posts from the retired police officers at Cop Car Pile Up Reviews.

Review of Top Utah Dentists

Our Top Rated Utah Dentist

Its that time again Cops Review is back and ready to tell you the best dental practices we’ve found in Utah! Not only who they are, but why and how to find them.  We have a rave review for our readers today.  They can be found at, so if you’re in the market for a Utah Dentist then these are your utah dentist

Click Below to Visit their websites to their different locations:


Top Utah dentists is a new dental practice, but they are full of experienced dentists that are willing to help you get the best dental care.  The Doctors at Top Utah dentists are the best reviewed new business in all of Utah.  They really do care about their patients and offer a wide variety of services from dental implants to massages.  That’s right you heard us, Massages!! This seems to be a way to improve the often times anxious feelings of being a dentist.  Not going to lie I went back for a few cleanings just to get the massage at the end of the visit.  Definitely a must try add-on to their regular services.

Why We Chose them?

First and foremost because of their honesty and integrity.  It seems like in a world full of trials and terror honesty is almost absent in the business and health world.  That’s why we definitely need to have a little rant about how well we were treated by the dentists here.  They were so caring and willing to help accomadate to all of our needs.  Whether it be an overall fear of dentistry or when my daughter wanted to change out the toy she chose at the end of the visit. (I didn’t even know Chinese yo-yos still existed, just another reason these guys rock!)  I can’t say enough to say how much I enjoyed my Dental Spa experience the people at Top Utah Dentists definitely took care of me and my family!

What to Ask Before Hiring a Plumber

Before you hire a Plumber

You have a leak in your house or your basement just flooded? Now what do you do?  This is an emergency and you need to find yourself a plumber.  But what questions do you ask before hiring a Utah County plumbing professional.  Here is a list of things that you should ask before hiring any contracting professional.

Local Plumber review

  1. Are they properly licensed?

This one is huge.  Don’t ever to forget to get this question answered.  A lot of times people pass over this important question because people are just naturally trusting of other people.  There are a lot of plumbers who don’t operate without a license so people assume that they are required to have one so they forget to ask this question.  What a license means is that they are vetted by the local and usually state government that they are certified to do the work that they are advertising.

  • What is the cost?

Most plumbers offer customers an initial consultation for free, but be aware of what can happen if they are just going to quote you over the phone.  Make sure that they actually come and stop by your house and inspect the problem.  Often times you will get underquoted if you follow this method because the offer looks so good initially you sign on the contractor, but it turns out that there is a lot more work that needs to be done.

  • Do they charge hourly or per job?

Many plumbers will put in their agreements that they will work for a specific amount, but if the job goes past their estimated time then they will then charge hourly for their services which can be up to $100 an hour.  Just beware and make sure you read everything and know what you are obligated to pay.

  • When do you pay?

You want to always check when the Utah County plumber wants to be paid, and how much do they want upfront for supplies and labor?  If they ask for 100% of the cost upfront then this isn’t the person that you are looking for.  You should look for someone who either works incrementally or just a one-time payment at the end of the project.  These are the best ways to deal with contractors because a lot of times you will end up paying a lot more for the project if you pay it all upfront.

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